Practice Areas



At KSR Accountants, we have a strong background in the areas of tax compliance, planning and problem resolution.


We assess the needs of each client, to help determine how their taxation affairs can be structured most efficiently.


As we are offering compliance and ongoing standard tax planning to our accounting clients for all major taxheads, we also focus specifically on the following areas:

Revenue Audits/Investigations

Qualifying Disclosures

Succession Planning

VAT on Property

Tax Efficient Business and Company


Share Redemptions/Buybacks

Holding and Investment Companies

Taxation Issues on Disposals of Businesses or Other Assets

Gift & Inheritance Taxes

Accounting & Compliance


We understand that each business is different, and that each client will have very different accounting requirements from us.

To that end, we work with each client to help them maximise their own internal resources, and then add value at whatever level they require our input.


We deal with companies, partnerships and individuals to help them across the following main areas:

Financial Statements Production

Company Law Compliance

Tax Compliance

Staff/Payroll Compliance


Company Restructuring

Business Start-ups & Registrations


Getting your business structure right from the beginning is essential to make life easier as you grow your business.

We work with start-up businesses to ensure all of the correct registrations and structures are set up from the very start, allowing them to work on their business plans without the worry of the compliance and taxation issues that might unexpectedly arise otherwise.

We will help work through the mire of tax registrations, company law requirements and business naming issues that many people find a daunting aspect of starting a new business.

For planned new companies we can assist with the company formation process, the nomination of officers, drafting of company constitutions, submission of initial CRO annual return.


We will also help the company register for all relevant tax heads with Revenue and advise as to the ongoing requirements from both Revenue and Company Law.

For those planning to enter business as sole traders or partnerships, we can advise on the registration of business names, tax registrations and any other tax issues that can arise on the commencement of a trade.

Feel free to call for a free initial consultation to help get started in your chosen business.

We are passionate about providing the best quality service for our clients.